Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your service area?
Our District boundaries can be seen in Google Maps here.
How do I open a new account?
Opening an account is easy; just call our customer service representatives at 425.337.3647 to open your account. We will need your property address and either your closing date (sale) or your move in date (rental). For new property owners, we strongly recommend you request your Title Company to request an estimated and final utility bill. There is a $10.00 new account fee.
How do I close my account?
Closing an account is easy; just call our customer service representatives at 425.337.3647 to close your account. We will need your property address and either your closing date (sale) or your move out date (rental). If your Title Company requests an estimated utility bill, you will be sent a copy of our estimate. There is a $10.00 charge for estimated utility bills and a $35.00 final bill charge.
Why is the previous owner's balance on my bill?
Washington State Law provides that water and sewer charges are liens on the property that was served. To assist buyers and sellers, and in compliance with the State law, the District provides estimated utility bills and final utility bills on request.
What is an estimated utility bill?
An estimated utility bill is provided when the closing date is uncertain or the closing date is beyond three days from the request. An estimated utility bill provides the current balance and an estimation based on the account's average daily consumption, plus fees and charges, to the closing date. A per day estimate is also provided. The charge for an estimated utility bill is $10.00.
What is a final utility bill?
A final utility bill is provided when an account is closed. A reading of the meter is taken and a final utility bill is prepared. The charge for a final utility bill is $35.00.
When can I expect my utility bill?
Most District customers are billed once every two months. Bills are mailed at the end of your billing month and are due 10 to 15 days later.
Where do I mail my payment?
Please mail your payment to: 15205 41st Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98012. When mailing your payment, please include your payment stub with your check. If you use an online bill paying service, please ensure your current account number is provided with your information. Your account number is located at the top of your bill.
Why is my payment not reflected on my bill?
Bills may be generated prior to receipt of your payment. If your payment is not reflected on your account, please call our customer service representatives at 425.337.3647 for assistance.
What are the service rates?
Our Rates section has a break down of the various utility rates for water, sewer, other services, and new connection fees.
How can tenants or other third parties get copies of utility bills and other notices?
Property owners can request that copies of utility bills and all notices be provided to tenants, property managers, and other third parties by submitting an Authorization for Statement Copies.
What notice can I expect before my service is disconnected?
Customers typically get three mailed notices prior to a service being shut-off for nonpayment. The first notice is the customer's utility bill. The second notice is a courtesy "payment reminder" notice, which is typically mailed not more than sixteen days after the bill's due date. This notice will show both the amount due and the shut off date. The third notice is a shut-off notice typically mailed to the customer not more than forty-five days after the bill's due date. Accounts that are more than thirty days delinquent may be shut off according to RCW 57.08.081 (5). The actual date of shut off is printed on the reminder and shut off notices. Customers can contact the District at least one day prior to the shut-off date and make payment arrangements.
How do I apply for Low Income Senior/Disabled Rates?
Low income senior citizen or permanently disabled customers can complete the Application for Low Income Senior/Disabled Rates form and mail it, along with the supporting documentation, to the District.
Does the District have a Night Deposit Box
A night deposit box is available for our customer's convenience at our main office building located at 15205 41st Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98012. Please do not place cash payments in the night deposit box.
Who do I call if have a question on my bill?
Please call our customer service representatives if you have any questions regarding your bill. We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except Federal Holidays, by calling 425.337.3647.
Leak Adjustments?
District customers may apply for a leak adjustment credit once every five years. A leak adjustment application can be found here.
What are the cubic feet to gallons conversion?
One unit of water is one hundred cubic feet which equals 748.50 gallons of water. A customer that used 10 units of water would have consumed 7,485 gallons of water.
Am I responsible to repair my water or sewer lines?
Customers are responsible for their private water and sewer systems. For water, this means from the water meter to your residence. For sewer, this typically means from the road right-of-way to your residence. Please call us if you have questions or need assistance.
Who do I contact before I dig?
Before you dig, please DIAL 811 for underground utility locates. Online requests can also be made at Call Before You Dig. You can also call us and we may be able to provide you with an "As-Built" drawing of your sewer system.
How can I tell if I have a leak?
Unexpected high consumption may indicate a leak. To check for a leak you can either call us or check yourself. To check for a leak, make sure all the water is off at your house and then check the low flow indicator on your meter to see if it is moving. The low flow indicator is usually a small dial or red or black triangle that spins when very small amounts of water move through the meter. If the indicator is moving, it may indicate you have a leak. Some leaks are very small, so the indicator moves very slowly or intermittently. The District also provides customers with one annual leak check by a District field technician free of charge.
How do I recognize legitimate SLWSD service technicians?
All SLWSD field crew wear uniforms that identify them as employees and have employee identification cards. If you have questions regarding a staff contact or the identity of an employee, please call us. For your protection, employees are prohibited from accepting payments in the field.
How do I turn off my water at the point of service?
There are two locations most customers can turn off their water. All customers can turn their water off at the water meter. Most customers can also turn their water off at their house's shut-off valve which is typically located in their garage.
How do I winterize my house fixtures?
See our Publications section for our winterization brochure.
Where does my water come from?
The District purchases all of the water for our customers' use from the City of Everett. For more information on water quality and source of supply, please see our Publications section for the Annual Water Quality Report.
How do I request field service or an inspection?
Please call our customer service representatives if you want to request a field technician to respond to your property for service or an inspection. We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except Federal Holidays, by calling 425.337.3647.